Vital statistics
Start January 1991
Location Iraq
Victor Loser
US military Iraqi Republican Guard
Forces 1 Forces 2
Two aircraft, tanker, Ranger battalion Ground forces, aircraft
Casualty 1 Casualty 2
Light Fighters, ground forces, installation captured
Previous Next
Trespasser Unforgivable Mistakes

Albatross is a mission launched by the US military during the First Gulf War. Air Force pilots Dagger and Rainmaker were assigned to attack the Iraqi forces. Republican Guard brigades were conducting a scorched-earth campaign. Dagger had to get fuel at a tanker, and Rainmaker protected him. They were then contacted by a Ranger battalion led by Captain Hall and had the option of assisting. They then finished their attack, protecting a group of oil refineries.


The players have the option of assisting the Rangers in attacking a command center.


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