Amphibious Assault
HAWX 2-18
Vital statistics
Date Near future,
1 day after Maelstrom
Location Norway
NATO task force Russian ultranationalist military
HMS Queen Victoria Carrier Battle Group
Ghost Recon team
Neptune Flight
Fighters, patrol boats, coastal defenses, frigates, gun batteries
USS Carter
HMS Resolution damaged
USS Morse damaged
All defenses neutralized
small air base captured
Next Stand-Off
Previous Maelstrom

Amphibious Assault is a mission conducted by Colin Munro in the near future.


Commander Dennis Gates: The Queen Victoria has reached the Norwegian coast, and the captain reports that temporary repairs have been completed. At 0500 hours, we will commence Operation Triton, which will create a beachhead for NATO reinforcements to come ashore near Oslo. US naval forces has been spread thin, countering Russian-backed insurgent attacks in Asia and the Middle East, so we're the primary combat force for this operation. Because the Russians are blinding our reconnaissance satellites, intel on enemy positions along the coast is sketchy...We're compiling new maps using data provided by the GeoEye-2 satellite, but to ensure pinpoint accuracy we're going to have to bring the fleet in very close to shore. During the initial phase, we'll be inserting special operations troops along the Norwegian coast. Your flight will provide close air support for the Ghost team until they reach the shore, then you cover the fleet for the second phase of the attack.


Pushing forward, the British fleet prepares to land on the coast of Norway. Munro and his squadron are also tasked with providing support to an American special operations team that is going to land before the main force, in order to infiltrate behind the enemy lines.


During Russia's invasion of Norway, NATO launched Operation Triton, an attack against the Russian forces and reclaiming the country. A landing craft transported a Ghost Recon team to secure the coast while the battle group moved toward its objective. Thorpe and his wingman, including Munro, provided air support for the Ghost Recon team until they landed on the coast. The battle group encounter a minefield and stopped advancing, but the USS Carter didn't stop and hit the mine and sinking and Munro used his cannon to destroy the minefield, but also can land on the Queen Victoria to rearmed and repair. After the minefield is destroyed, enemy gun batteries on the mountainside open fire at the ships, which damaged HMS Resolution and USS Morse. Thrope and his wingman covered Munro while he took out the gun batteries. After the gun batteries were destroyed, the battle group can sailed to their objective, which was the enemy's small air base and the battle group moved into firing range on the small air base while Thorpe and his teammates engaged enemy fighters. All targets were destroyed, and the operation completed.


Its possible that this mission ties in with the beginning of Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wii, which features an amphibious landing against Ultranationalist forces in Norway.


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