Anton Karzkazev
Nationality RUS Russian
Career information
Occupation President
Affiliations Russian government

President Anton Karzkazev was the government leader in Russia. He was considered to be soft on Russian security issues by General Vasily Morgunov and the ultranationalists. In the separatist crisis in the near future, he was removed from power after the nuclear explosion at Romashkino oil fields and replaced by an ultranationalist leader, Aleksandr Treskayev.

Later, in Moscow, the H.A.W.X. squadron, a Ghost Recon team and Russian loyalist forces worked together to capture Treskayev in the Kremlin. Meanwhile, General Morgunov's forces were trying to rescue him, but failed. After the Moscow operation, President Karzkazev was returned to the Kremlin to take control of Russia.


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