Vital statistics
Date Near future
H.A.W.X. Unknown enemy
2 aircraft Ships, AA defenses, aircraft
Arrow shot down Ships destroyed, aircraft
Next Arrowgance
Previous Runaway

Big Brother is a mission conducted by the H.A.W.X. squadron.

Arrow flew with Ringo to attack enemy transports. They threaded through the radar detection zones until they found the fleet. At several navpoints they were bounced by enemy fighters. Although Arrow had misgivings about the target, they proceeded with the attack. Arrow shot down two helicopters which caused heavy damage to the port, and the transports were sunk. Ringo revealed that he was now loyal to DDI. They fought, and Arrow was forced to land on a nearby carrier.

Ringo had been corrupted by Rainmaker, and was bitter about Arrow and Sonnet's relationship. Ringo was later killed by Rainmaker.


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