HAWX 2-10
Vital statistics
Date Near future
Location Burj Al Nasr
US military Insurgents
3 AWACS planes
H.A.W.X. squadron
Airfield's ground defenses
Air defense system
Ground forces
Light Air defense system disabled
All forces
Next Final Push
Previous Desert Fortress

Blackout is a mission conducted by the H.A.W.X. squadron in the near future. After the US military seized an insurgent airfield, they faced constant threats. During the night, the squadron launched to destroy the city's power plants to shut down the air defense system and allow US Air Force to sent their transport planes for a counterattack at dawn.


The initial push into the mountain city of Burj-al-Nasr has been successful, but, in order for the whole city to be taken over, its ground-to-air defenses must be neutralized. With help from a trio of EW planes, the HAWX prepare for another night strike, aimed at the power sources in the city.


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