Broken Wing
Broken Wing
Vital statistics
Date Near future
Location A DDI base
Two aircraft Aircraft, ground forces, defenses
Dagger shot down, presumed to be dead Heavy
Next Operation Purple Flame
Previous Big Brother

Broken Wing is a mission launched by the H.A.W.X. squadron.

Arrow (in a Ka-50) and his father Dagger (in an F-117) flew the mission to strike a blow against DDI. They blew up DDI facilities, ground forces, and AA defenses. Dagger protected Arrow's helo, but was shot down. Arrow briefly protected the crash site, but he was low on fuel and Dagger ordered him to return to base.

When he returned to base, he wanted to return immediately but Sonnet told him that Dagger had been killed. Arrow vowed to stay in the air until his father's killers had been eliminated. Dagger, however, had actually gone underground to spy on Rainmaker and would later return to duty.


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