Desert Fortress
HAWX 2-9
Vital statistics
Date Near future,
three days after
Seek and Destroy
Location Burj Al Nasr
US military Insurgents
H.A.W.X. squadron
Attack drones
Ground force
Ground forces
Light Airfield captured
Counterattack routed
Next Blackout
Previous Seek and Destroy

Desert Fortress is a US military operation in the near future. Determined to stop the insurgents, they staged an attack against an airfield. The squadron infiltrates the city via canyon to cover the ground force. They defend the ground force from enemy forces, and HAWX's attack drones decimate the enemy defenses. They seize the airfield and Hunter re-armed to route the enemy counterattack. Then, they prepared their defenses and wait for reinforcements.


After the success of the previous operations, the leader of the insurgent movement raging across the Middle East has been identified. Finally, he is tracked down in a remote mountain city that has been emptied of its population and fortified by the insurgents troops prepared for a big battle.


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