Дмитрий Иванович Соков
Dmitri Sokov
Nationality RUS Russian
Career information
Occupation Fighter Pilot
Rank RUS AF Cpt Captain
Aircraft MiG-29 Fulcrum E
Su-27 Flanker
Su-34 Fullback
Su-35BM Flanker-E
Affiliations Spetsnaz logo Spetzgruppa Medved (Defected)
RUS AF Russian Air Force

Captain Dmitri Ivanovich Sokov is a Russian pilot of Vasily Morgunov's special operations unit Spetzgruppa Medved. In the near future during the separatist conflict, Medved was scrambled to intercept large force of stolen planes. They were ambushed and Denisov, Sokov and their wingmen were forced to shoot down all the stolen planes. They refueled, and shot down several attack planes which threatened the retreating ground forces.

Soon after, they launched an offensive to recover two stolen nuclear warheads. They recovered them from the train, but en route to friendly forces, one of the transports was shot down, and Sokov was forced to destroy the dam to flood the separatists and entomb the warhead. Soon after, Romashkino Oil Complex was destroyed, and General Morgunov ordered a force of attack drones to hunt down the separatist leaders. Voron agent Stephan Drachev contacted Sokov and convince him to defect because he revealed that Morgunov was secretly funded the separatists. Drachev and Sokov fled the Alagir Forward Air Base and rendezvoused with the American H.A.W.X. squadron and refueled.

Months later, after Ultranationalist leader Aleksandr Treskayev became President in a coup, the H.A.W.X. squadron, a Ghost Recon team and Russian loyalist forces led an assault on Kremlin and capture Treskayev. Sokov flew against his former wingmen, and they retook Moscow. Just after, Morgunov and his remaining forces captured a nuclear missile base and Sokov, Drachev, H.A.W.X. squadron and a large tank battalion attacked the base and Hunter killed Morgunov in his command bunker.


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