Final Push
HAWX 2-11
Vital statistics
Date Near future
Location Burj Al Nasr
US military Insurgents
Ground forces
H.A.W.X. squadron (3 planes)
2 AC-130U Spooky (Dragon) gunships
1 Voron agent:
Stephan Drachev
Medium All forces
Mansour Hafiz captured
Next Trans Caucasus Express
Previous Blackout

Final Push is a mission conducted by the US military in the near future. The US military stationed at the airfield received heavy reinforcements and launched an final attack to capture the insurgent leader Mansour Hafiz. The H.A.W.X. squadron launched from the airfield to defend the allied ground forces and protect the AC-130U Spooky (Dragon) from enemy fighters. After the halfway to Hafiz's location, enemy artillery open fire at the ground forces and Hunter destroyed the enemy artillery and protected Dragon and the ground forces again. After reached Hafiz's location, Voron agent Stephan Drachev located Hafiz hiding in his bunker and Major Alex Hunter bombed his bunker entrance in order to gain access and capture Hafiz.


The US troops are ready for a final push into Burj-al-Nasr and determined to capture the insurgent leader, Mansour Hafiz. The final, massive assault starts, with ground troops receiving support from the HAWX fighters and from a pair of AC-130U gunships.


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