Final Showdown
Vital statistics
Start Near future (prior to Contact)
Location DDI Base
Victor Loser
US military DDI
Forces 1 Forces 2
2 aircraft 1 aircraft, Firestorm satellite, Stargazer UCAVs
Casualty 1 Casualty 2
None Frank Ostreger, UCAVs
Previous Next
Wasps' Nest Mess with the Best/Contact

Final Showdown is an operation between the H.A.W.X. squadron and DDI. Following the destruction of the DDI Base, Colonel Rainmaker tries to escape. He is pursued by Arrow and the mercenary Major Zeal, and Rainmaker jams their missile locks. The pair of pilots must also fight Stargazer UCAVs. He tries to use a Firestorm satellite to shoot them down, but is unwilling to risk the area-of-effect attack. Zeal eventually tricks Rainmaker into the beam, killing him.

The two pilots share a few words and then go their separate ways.


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