Ghosts in Kremlin

The Ghost Lead reporting the Kremlin situation to Colonel Crenshaw.

The Ghost Recon, also known as The Ghosts, formerly known as Delta Company, 1st Battalion, 5th Special Forces Group, is a Tier 1 Joint Special Operations Force of the United States Army.

As with the rest of the units operating under Joint Special Operations Command, the missions conducted by the Ghosts are kept highly classified. It is shown that all Ghost teams have multiple designations and the Ghost Recon is commanded and administrated by JSOC, participating in highly classified covert missions.


In 2014, the H.A.W.X. squadron rescued Captain Scott Mitchell and his team operating in Mexico. Throughout 2021, Captain David Crenshaw later worked with Mitchell's team in Brazil, and again in the Appalachian Mountains during the Artemis Global Security crisis.

In the near future, the Ghost team deployed to Africa to rescue Colonel Crenshaw from the insurgents with the aerial protection of the H.A.W.X. squadron's AC-130 gunship piloted by Rebecca Walters and Alex Hunter and took him aboard a nearby Navy frigate, U.S.S. Marshall, where he would be treated for his injuries. During NATO's counter-attack against Russian-held Norway under the name of Operation Triton, the same team landed on the shore under aerial protection of Lieutenant Colin Munro from the Royal Navy. Soon after, they worked with H.A.W.X. once again to unsuccessfully capture the ultranationalist leader, Aleksandr Treskayev, in the Kremlin.

At one point, a Ghost team searching for a nuclear weapon in Russia was covered by HAWX2 and they successfully completed their mission.


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