The British carrier is suddenly attacked by enemy fighters

The HMS Queen Victoria is an aircraft carrier of the Royal Navy that is active in the near future. It participated in two operations, Maelstrom and Amphibious Assault.



In the Norwegian Sea, the Queen Victoria was suddenly attacked and Sabre Flight took off to intercept the Russian Air Force fighter contingent and destroy the naval fleet, with HMS Resolution and other allied ships joining the battle. After destroying the entire Russian fleet and aerial fighter contingent, a squadron of Russian Tu-160M bombers tried to destroy the fleet but they were all shot down by Sabre Flight and returned to the carrier for the next operation.

Amphibious AssaultEdit

Once NATO commenced Operation Triton and fully briefed by Commander Dennis Gates, the Royal Navy deployed a landing craft transporting a Ghost Recon team to secure the coastal areas of Norway while the fleet advanced to its primary objective.

The allied fleet encountered the minefield and stopped advancing, but the USS Carter failed to stop and the exploding mine sank the ship. Lieutenant Colin Munro destroyed the minefield using his cannon. After the route to the primary objective was cleared, the gun batteries on the mountainside attacked the fleet, which damaged both HMS Resolution and USS Morse in the process.

Commander Thorpe and his teammate covered Munro while he engaged the gun batteries. After the batteries were destroyed, the fleet could sail to its primary objective. The fleet targeted the enemy base with long-range artillery fire while Thorpe's flight supported the attack by destroying all enemy targets. With the destruction of all targets, the operation completed in victorious.