The HMS Queen Victoria is an aircraft carrier operating in Royal Navy. It participated in two operations, Maelstrom and Amphibious Assault.


The carrier is under attack


In the Norwegian Sea, the HMS Queen Victoria is under attack by Russian fighters and Sabre Flight launched to intercept them and destroy the Russian fleet and the HMS Resolution and other allied ships joined the battle. After destroyed the Russian fleet and fighters, a Russian bomber squadron arrived and tried to destroy the carrier battle group but they were shot down by Sabre Flight and landed at the carrier.

Amphibious AssaultEdit

At the Norwegian coast, the Royal Navy sent in the landing craft carrying a Ghost Recon team to secure the coast while the carrier battle group goes to its objective. While advancing, the carrier battle group encountered the minefield and stopped advancing but the USS Carter didn't stop and mine exploded that sink the destroyer. Royal Navy pilot Colin Munro cleaned up the minefield by using his cannon. After the minefield was cleared, the enemy gun batteries on the mountainside open fire at the ships and the HMS Resolution and the USS Morse are damaged and Thorpe and his wingman covered Munro while he engaged the guns. After the guns were destroyed, the carrier battle group could advance to its objective—is the small air base. The carrier battle group moved into firing range at the small air base and Thorpe and his men took out enemy fighters.


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