The Ilyushin IL-78 is an four-engined plane.

Dagger flew one during the First Gulf War to attack the Iraqi Army.

The IL-78 was used as a refueling plane by the Russian Air Force in the near future.

During Interception Course, General Vasily Morgunov, commander of Spetzgruppa Medved, sent Colonel Denisov, his wingman Captain Dmitri Sokov and a fighter squadron to intercept the Russian separatists who have captured a large number of bombers, AWACS, refueling and cargo planes from Buynaksk Air Base. However, as Denisov ordered the separatists to turn back, enemy fighters ambushed them and they were forced to shoot down all the stolen planes. After the stolen planes were shot down, they ran out of fuel and they had to meet up an allied IL-78 tanker to refuel their fighters. After refueling, Morgunov ordered Denisov and his wingmen to protect the retreating ground forces from enemy attack planes, which they succeed.


The IL-78 is not a bomber, but a transport and refueling aircraft in real life.


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