Interception Course
HAWX 2-4
Vital statistics
Date Near future,
same time as Contact
Location Russia
Russian military
Spetzgruppa Medved
MiG-29 fighter squadron
Russian military bases
Tu-95 Bears
Tu-160 Blackjacks
IL-76 Candids
A-50 Mainstays
IL-78 Midas tankers
Su-27 Flankers
MiG-31 Foxhounds
Su-34 Fullbacks
Medved 805 and 807
Ground forces injured/killed
All forces
Next The Rescue
Previous The Prisoner

Interception Course is a Russian mission in the near future separatist conflict. Medved launched to intercept a small separatist force which had captured a large number of planes from Buynaksk Air Base. A Medved fighter squadron approached their starboard wings and ordered them to change their course, but they were ambushed by enemy fighters. Colonel Denisov, Captain Dmitri Sokov and their wingmen shot down all enemy aircraft. General Vasily Morgunov, commander of Medved, had them refuel and cover the retreating ground forces from enemy attack planes which they succeed.


AT the same time with the events around the Prince Faisal Air Base, in Southern Russia, governmental troops are battling a separatist army. Captian Dmitri Sokov is one of the young fighter pilots sent to intercept a group of bombers and transport planes that have been captured and commandeered by the separatists.



Sokov is refueling by a friendly IL-78 tanker.


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