Last Stand
HAWX 2-20
Vital statistics
Date Near future,
34 hours after Stand-Off
Location Near Kamchatka, Russia
H.A.W.X. squadron
Russian loyalist forces and Voron
Rogue Spetzgruppa Medved
F-22 Raptors
Agent Stephan Drachev
Captain Dmitri Sokov
Massive armored battalion
Aerial fighters
Armored battalion
Hacked orbital laser array
Simms K.I.A.
Rebecca Walters K.I.A.
Medium to the ground forces
All forces and ICBMs
Denisov K.I.A.
Vasily Morgunov K.I.A.
Previous Stand-Off

Last Stand is the final operation in the near future and the end of the insurgent conflict.


Defeated, General Morgunov seems to have lost any reason and is prepared to resort to an extreme solution. His troops have overrun a nuclear facility in the Kamchatka region and are aiming the facility's ballistic missiles at major cities all over the world.


Colonel David Crenshaw: The operation in Moscow was a success. President Karzkazev is back in power, and Russian troops in Norway have been ordered to stand down, but General Morgunov and many of his troops managed to escape from loyalist forces outside the city. Drachev has tracked the general to a nuclear missile base near Kamchatka. His troops have overrun the facility, and it appears that he is in the process of re-targeting the missiles and preparing them for launch. We've got to stop him before he's ready to fire. Your mission is to attack the base's command bunker and kill Morgunov before he can launch his missiles. Special Forces troops are preparing to launch a ground attack to open a path for you through the base's defense network. This is Morgunov's last stand. He's not going down without one hell of a fight!


After the defeat of the ultranationalists in Moscow, rogue General Morgunov and his army had captured the Russian nuclear missile base near Kamchatka, with the intention of launching the ICBMs at the "most powerful forces" which had used him.

H.A.W.X. squadron and an allied armored battalion led by Agent Drachev attacked the base. Morgunov was able to hack the orbital laser array to shoot down Simms and Walters while using it to cover the ICBM launch. Once Morgunov launched the first wave of ICBMs, Major Hunter destroyed them and use his gun to destroy the missile in the command bunker and reach to the other side before the explosion killed Morgunov inside. Colonel Crenshaw then congratulated Hunter on his victory.