Last Stand
HAWX 2-20
Vital statistics
Date Near future
Location Near Kamchatka, Russia
H.A.W.X. squadron
Russian loyalist forces
Rogue Spetzgruppa Medved
F-22 Raptors
Tank battalion
Tank battalion
Hacked laser array
Simms K.I.A.
Rebecca Walters K.I.A.
All forces
Denisov K.I.A.
Vasily Morgunov K.I.A.
Previous Stand-Off

Last Stand is the final operation in the near future and the end of the insurgent conflict. After the defeat of the ultranationalists in Moscow, rogue General Vasily Morgunov's ground forces overrun an nuclear missile base near Kamchatka and planned on launching its ICBM missiles at the "most powerful forces" which had used him.

H.A.W.X. squadron and a tank battalion led by Agent Drachev attacked the base. Morgunov was able to hack the Russians' orbital laser array to shoot down Simms and Walters while protecting the ICBM launch. After Morgunov launched the ICBMs, Alex Hunter shoot them down and use his gun to destroy Morgunov's command bunker and reach to the other side before the explosion. Colonel David Crenshaw then congratulated Hunter on his victory.


Defeated, General Morgunov seems to have lost any reason and is prepared to resort to an extreme solution. His troops have overrun a nuclear facility in the Kamchatka region and are aiming the facility's ballistic missiles at major cities all over the world.


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