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Losing Control
Curtis Bowman during the mission
Vital statistics
Start Undefined date
Location Enemy base
Victor Loser
US military Unknown enemy
Forces 1 Forces 2
1 fighter, 1 bomber Radar defenses, hovercraft
Casualty 1 Casualty 2
Bowman's plane lost Base destroyed
Previous Next
Wired for War Sandstorm

Losing Control is a mission launched by the US military to attack an oil enemy facility. Ace pilot Curtis "Scorch" Bowman was assigned the dangerous mission, which was to escort a bomber. He spotted AA defenses, and planned on activating them so the bomber could destroy them. He flew the path, and narrowly avoided the bombing run, but his plane was subverted by Rainmaker as an act of revenge against Alexander Bowman, his father. It hit the mountain, and there were no recognizable pieces. Curtis actually survived, and surfaced later as Major Zeal.


It is a flashback mission.


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