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Mess with the Best
Vital statistics
Start Near future
Victor Loser
Major Zeal Russian oligarchs
Forces 1 Forces 2
2 aircraft Bomber, Su-27s
Casualty 1 Casualty 2
None Bomber, aircraft
Previous Next
Final Showdown Contact
"The game isn't over."
"Yes it is."
— Twister and Zeal

Mess with the Best is an operation between Major Zeal and a mercenary squadron paid by Russian oligarchs. They were sent to claim repayment for Zeal's failure to protect the shuttle, but Zeal shot down the bomber and engaged the aircraft, shooting down several of them. He and Twister, a former DDI pilot, dueled, although Zeal proved the better pilot, shooting Twister's plane down.


This is a post-credits mission. The final exchange between Twister and Zeal break the fourth wall.


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