The MiG-1.42/1.44 MFI (Russian: Микоян МиГ-1.44) (Mnogofounksionalni Frontovoi Istrebitel or Multifunctional Frontline Fighter; NATO codename Flatpack) is an advanced development from the Mikoyan aircraft design bureau initially built to be a 5th generation fighter to compete with the American F-22A Raptor and the Sukhoi Su-47 Berkut. Mikoyan stated that the aircraft was able to outperform its American counterpart with advanced stealth, speed approaching 2500 km/h, and an excellent maneuverability spectrum, however none of this can be substantiated. Unfortunately, this aircraft met an untimely cancellation, mostly because of the poor allocation from the severely low funding from the Russian Defense Ministry and lack of publicity until late in 1997, and by then the aircraft was scrapped. It managed one short test flight in 2000 and was severely hampered by the rarity of the proposed AL-41F engine, developed specifically for the fighter. With the delivery of the engine delayed indefinitely and the mounting expense costs involved with the project, the MiG-MAPO design bureau and the Russian Air Force cancelled the project by 2001, paving the way for the new 5th generation Russian air superiority fighter to be solely developed by Sukhoi.


Rainmaker flew it one following the destruction of his base. Major Zeal tricked him into flying into a beam from the Firestorm satellite.


  • It can be flown by the player in Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X 2, after it is unlocked as the highest P.E.C Reward in Electronic Warfare category.
  • It is one of the unlockable planes in the 8-bit game.