My Enemy's Friend
My Enemy's Friend
Vital statistics
Date Near future
Location H.A.W.X. Base
Two aircraft
Pandora UCAVs
5 cruisers, 1 amphibious assault ship,
1 carrier, hovercraft, aircraft
Damage to base, Sonnet captured,
Ringo's plane damaged
Completely routed, Twister shot down
Next Runaway
Previous Operation Purple Flame

My Enemy's Friend is a mission launched against the H.A.W.X. squadron.

Arrow was launched in an F-16 with Ringo in a MiG to assist a forward H.A.W.X. Base, which was under attack by PMA forces. Arrow strafed the approaching hovercraft, allowing Sonnet at the Base to launch Pandora UCAVs and destroy the assault ship. Arrow also destroyed five cruisers. Ringo's aircraft was damaged, and returned to base. Arrow then attacked and destroyed a DDI aircraft carrier. Twister of DDI intervened, but Arrow shot him down. The attack was routed, but contact with Sonnet was lost after she pulled back with the UAV pilots.


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