Oil City
HAWX 2-6
Vital statistics
Date Near future,
one week after The Rescue
Location Indian Ocean
US military Insurgents
H.A.W.X. squadron
Marine assault forces
Air and naval forces
Medium All forces and defenses wiped out
Oil facility recaptured
Next Thieves in the Night
Previous The Rescue

Oil City is a US military operation in the near future. After the large insurgent force has seized an ArnaCo oil facility in the Indian Ocean, the H.A.W.X. squadron was deployed on the aircraft carrier USS Franklin D. Roosevelt to retake the oil facility. Three squadron pilots are Simms, Rebecca Walters and Alex Hunter escorted an Marine assault forces and captured an airstrip, which they used as a springboard to recapture the remaining facilities. After the mission, the squadron returned to the carrier.


All three surviving HAWX pilots are reunited under the command of Colonel Crenshaw. The shell-shocked group has no choice but to regroup and start fighting back. Their first job is to help a task force of marines take over an oil facility that has been seized by insurgents.


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