Operation: Blacklight
Vital statistics
Date November 10, 2015
Location Afghanistan
Result Training camps wiped out
Artemis Global Security People of God's Army
Reaper Flight
Tu-22M (Drake)
Air defenses
Fighters from a rogue state
None All forces
Next Operation: OFF Certification
Previous Operation: Cobalt

Operation: Blacklight was a mission conducted by Artemis Global Security in 2015.

Following the attack on People of God's Army's troops in Africa by Artemis' squadron, Reaper Flight, a group of terrorists called for a cease-fire and took refuge in a nearby state with the support of its local government. As the government refused to hear warnings by NATO, Artemis sent out a Tu-22M bomber (call-sign: Drake) to destroy the terrorist training camps and the Reaper Flight to aid it.


Following the success of Operation Cobalt, the UN has hired Artemis to bomb terrorist training camps in the mountains of Central Asia.


Colonel BruceOperation Cobalt was a great success: The UN had received word from the local government that the insurgents are calling for a cease-fire. I'll make sure your contributions to the operation are brought to the attention of the Board. In the meantime we also managed to clinch another extremely important deal: we've been contacted by NATO to support their troops in Central Asia. The region has suffered a campaign of brutal terrorist attacks over the last three months. The insurgents have taken refuge in a rugged mountainous zone, just on the the other side of the country's border. NATO has repeatedly warned the government of this neighboring country to stop providing a safe haven to these terrorists, but they have refused to comply. We are contracted to perform an air strike to take out terrorist training camps hidden in the mountains. It's certain that the local government will send their fighters to challenge our planes, so your orders are to escort the bombers to and from the target. Protect the bombers by any means necessary. That's it. Let's hit the flight line. Good luck, gentlemen.


Reaper Flight escorted and protected Drake from all enemy fighters. As they approached the airspace of the terrorist training camps, Crenshaw used his ERS to take out three fortified SAM sites so Drake could destroy the camps.


Tom Clancy's H.A.W

Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X - Mission 4- Blacklight -HD- -Elite Difficulty-


Players are restricted to fighters with Multi-target missiles.