Operation: Glass Hammer
Vital statistics
Date February 25, 2021
Location Rio de Janerio, Brazil
Result Las Trinidad withdrawal from
Rio de Janeiro
U.S. Navy
Las Trinidad
(Reaper Flight)
Naval forces
Naval landing forces
(fighters, eight bombers, four elite fighters)
Light-to-medium Invasion force repulsed
Next Operation: Backfire
Previous Operation: OFF Certification

Operation: Glass Hammer was an operation conducted during the near future. Las Trinidad, an nationalist anti-US alliance PMC, who has control of the northern states of Brazil, attacked Rio de Janerio. Artemis Global Security, receiving the defense contract from Brazil, sends in their mercenary forces to suppress the threats with the help of the United States Navy.


Over the last twenty-four hours the conflict between Brazil and Las Trinidad's PMC forces have gone on full alert, and an attack could come at any time.


Colonel Bruce: Glad to see you got your certification Crenshaw, if a maverick like you can do it, the other pilots should have no trouble at all. Welcome to Rio. Over the last few months, hostility has escalating between Brazil and Las Trinidad, an nationalist anti-US alliance that governs the countries along Brazil's northern border. Tensions have reached a peak in the last couple of weeks, and both sides have placed their forces of full alert. War could break out at any time. This is a golden opportunity for our company. The company stock has nearly doubled, based on predictions that we will take the lead in combat operations against Las Trinidad. According to the terms of our contract, the increase in combat pay and performance bonuses could mean hundreds of millions of dollars in additional profits.

Crenshaw, your squadron is a key element in Rio de Janerio (Rio) air defense network. Protect the city with your lives. Good luck and good hunting, Crenshaw. Be prepared for anything.


Crenshaw and his squad suppressed the Las Trinidad threats. They shot down several fighters, then destroyed twelve landing crafts and several tanks and shot down eight bombers. Lastly, they shot down an elite fighter squadron and Las Trinidad withdrew from the battle after suffering heavy casualties.



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