Operation: Thunderbolt
Vital statistics
Date June 25, 2021
Location Appalachian Mountains
Result U.S. victory
US military Artemis Global Security
H.A.W.X. squadron
Ghost Recon team
Su-47 Berkut's
AA defenses
None Heavy
Next Operation: Wildhorse
Previous Operation: Backhand

Operation: Thunderbolt was an operation in 2021 in which David Crenshaw and a Ghost Recon team sent in to secure the SLAMS Command Uplink Node.


Artemis has seized enough nuclear warheads to destroy the largest cities in America. The only way to neutralize this threat is by restoring the country's SLAMS anti-missile system, but the system's Command Uplink Node has been captured by Artemis commandos.


Major Derrick Wallace: Captain, we don't have much time, so I'll get right to the briefing. Half an hour ago, the Pentagon received this:

Adrian DeWinter: "Mr. President, we offered you the chance to put an end to this crisis, but you refused to listen. Now I'm afraid I must insist. You know by now that we have acquired several tactical nuclear weapons. I will give you 24 hours to surrender unconditionally, or a major US city will be destroyed. You only have yourself to blame for this, Mr. President. I hope you will choose to see reason at this point."

The President has ordered us to make the most of the time we have left to put an end to the Artemis threat. Otherwise, he will have no choice but to surrender to their demands. We must regain control of the Space, Land and Air-based Missile Shield. The SLAMS has been designed to protect the US mainland from ballistic missiles and cruise missiles, and is comprised of an integrated network of satellite-based lasers and ground-based missile batteries. The system is controlled by radar centers called Uplinks, sited at strategic locations all over the country. The first step in regaining control of SLAMS is restoring the Uplink radar network, which is coordinated by the Command Uplink Node located in the Appalachian Mountains. Unfortunately, Artemis has captured the facility. We believe Artemis commandos seized the facility to shut down a section of the Uplink radar network then launched an EMP warhead into the upper atmosphere. The EMP pulse knocked out several of our satellites, including SLAMS laser platforms. We're sending in a Ghost Recon team to retake the facility. Captain, your orders are to infiltrate the base defense network and open a way for the Ghosts to recapture the Command Uplink Node.


David Crenshaw was sent alone to destroy 15 field generators in 3 nodes to disable the Command Uplink Node's powerful air defense system before the self-destruct protocol activated, then Captain Scott Mitchell and his team secured the facility.


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