Spetzgruppa Medved was an elite Russian special forces unit operating out of the North Caucusus Military District. Their headquarters is Millerovo Air Force Base and they were under the direct command of General Vasily Morgunov.


In the near future, Medved fighter squadron led by Colonel Denisov, intercepted separatist forces that were attempting to save their leaders, and soon after launched a mission to recover the stolen nuclear warheads and bring two of them back to the Russian territory at the cost of one warhead was entombed by a huge flood on the plane's crash site once Captain Sokov destroyed the dam.

Voron agent Stephan Drachev contacted and convinced Captain Dmitri Sokov to defect after he revealed that Morgunov was secretly funding the separatists in order to acquire the warheads. Medved tried to rescue a separatist leader, Aleksandr Treskayev, in the Kremlin at Moscow, but H.A.W.X. squadron stopped them. Later, they seized a nuclear missile base near Kamchatka and tried to launch numerous ICBMs at major cities around the world, but they were stopped again.

Known MembersEdit



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