HAWX 2-19
Vital statistics
Date Near future,
three days after
No Room for Error
Location Moscow, Russia
US military
Russian loyalist forces
Spetzgruppa Medved
H.A.W.X. squadron (4 planes)
Tank battalion
Ghost Recon team
Ka-50 helicopters
Ka-50 helicopters
Ground forces
Tu-95 bomber squadron
None Heavy
Next Last Stand
Previous Amphibious Assault

Stand-Off, part of Operation Pandora's Hope, is a mission in the near future where Russian forces loyal to President Anton Karzkazev stormed Moscow. H.A.W.X. squadron provided cover for a Ghost Recon team as they storm the Kremlin and capture Aleksandr Treskayev. The squadron dueled with Medved, then established a perimeter around the Kremlin. They destroyed a few ground forces, Hunter bombed four bridges to protect the ground forces. Finally, Hunter shot down a Tu-95 bomber squadron before they can destroy the Kremlin. The Ghost Lead announced that they had secured the Kremlin but there was no sign of Treskayev.


All the forces involved in the conflict finally converge on Moscow, where the loyalist Russian troops are fighting to reinstate the rightful president with help from the US. Standing against them is not just the ultranationalist army of Aleksandr Treskayev, but also general Morgunov's feared Spetzgruppa Medved.


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