Stephan Drachev
Nationality RUS Russian
Nickname Wolfhound
Career information
Occupation Special Agent
Affiliations Voron VORON

Stephan Drachev (code-named: Wolfhound during the operation in Africa) is a special agent working for Voron. He assists the US military and the H.A.W.X. squadron in eliminating the Russian separatists alongside his original mission, which was to eliminate the insurgent leader operating in Africa. At the same time, the Russian military was facing separatists, and he returned to try and find three stolen nuclear warheads. He suspected that General Vasily Morgunov had committed treason, and was the victim of an elimination attempt. He survived, and contacted Captain Dmitri Sokov, convincing him to defect. They escaped, and joined the H.A.W.X. squadron in finding the last warhead. They then retook the Kremlin from ultranationalist/Spetzgruppa Medved forces and stopped Morgunov's plot to destroy the world with ICBMs from an ICBM launch facility near Kamchatka Peninsula.


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