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The Fire Storm
Vital statistics
Start Near future
Location Simultaneously Earth orbit/DDI base
Victor Loser
H.A.W.X. squadron DDI
Forces 1 Forces 2
1 captured shuttle, 1 Firestorm satellite SAM sites, 1 aircraft
Casualty 1 Casualty 2
N/A 7 defense bunkers
Previous Next
Infinity Rocketman

The Fire Storm is a H.A.W.X. squadron mission. After they seized the Firestorm satellite, Sonnet was forced to return to Earth. The shuttle automatically returned to the DDI base, but there were seven defense bunkers along its flightpath. Arrow used the satellite to destroy the bunkers before they could shoot down the shuttle. Sonnet was guided into landing by Twister.

Rainmaker then contacted Arrow and set the satellite to self-destruct.


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