The Truth
HAWX 2-14
Vital statistics
Date Near future,
24-hours after
Behind Enemy Lines
Location Medved's base/Separatist territory
Russian military Separatists
Attack drones N/A
N/A Enemy leaders killed
Next Getaway
Previous Behind Enemy Lines

The Truth is a mission conducted by Medved in the near future. Following the destruction of the Romashkino oil facility and the recapture of nuclear warheads, General Vasily Morgunov wanted to end the separatist threat. He ordered his pilots to send attack drones during a separatist meeting. They found the targets. One pilot, Dmitri Ivanovich Sokov was contacted by agent Stephan Drachev, who was presumed dead and told him to act naturally. Drachev tapped Morgunov's comms to reveal that he had been funding the separatists on behalf of other powers. Sokov finished the mission, betraying the separatists on behalf of the General, and then met Drachev at the runway.


A nuclear bomb explodes on Russian territory and wipes out the Romashkino oil fields, essential to the country's energy independence. The separatists seem to be responsible and the Russian president is blamed for not being aggressive enough with them. After the president is disposed by a coup d'etat, General Morgunov allies himself with the new power at Kremlin. Captain Sokov follows him and, while on the hunt for the separatist leaders, has a surprise encounter.


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