Thieves in the Night
HAWX 2-7
Vital statistics
Date Near Future
Location Coast of Africa
H.A.W.X. squadron
Russian Federal Security Service
MQ-26B Night Owl
Agent Stephan Drachev
Cargo ships
Ahmed Faridi
None Ahmed Faridi
Next Seek and Destroy
Previous Oil City

Thieves in the Night is a mission by the H.A.W.X. squadron two days after Oil City. Major Alex Hunter piloted a reconnaissance drone off the USS Franklin D. Roosevelt to mark cargo ships, warehouses and buildings used by the insurgents to transport weapons. The arms dealer Ahmed Faridi is their target.


The weapons that were used against the Prince Faisal base are tracked back to a notorious smuggler residing in a lawless, militia controlled city on an African coast. The weapons are of Russian origin and the Russian government sends one of their top field agents to assist the HAWX in dismantling the weapon smuggling chain.


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