Under Fire
Vital statistics
Start Near future
Location H.A.W.X. squadron base
Victor Loser
H.A.W.X. squadron DDI/unkown force
Forces 1 Forces 2
1 aircraft, base defenses Helicopters, tanks
Casualty 1 Casualty 2
Base damaged DDI: Attack routed
Other force: base destroyed
Previous Next
Dangerous Passage Revelation

Under Fire is a mission conducted against the H.A.W.X. squadron. DDI launched an attack against the base, and Arrow helped defend the base. At one point there was a HUD error. When Major Zeal intervened, Arrow disobeyed orders and chased after him. When they reached a base, Arrow bombed it, thinking it belonged to Zeal, but Zeal thanked him for completing his mission for him, which was to destroy the base.


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